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Foundation Nkoilale
The Nkoilale Foundation was founded in 2004 and aims to help and support the education of the pupils of the Nkoilale Primary School in Nkoilale, Kenya. It wants to provide the children and teachers of the school with opportunities to choose their futures themselves.

Nkoilale Foundation works on the basis of shared responsibility and effort. The school determines the priorities and plays an active role in the realization of these priorities. In effect this means that Nkoilale Foundation provides the financial means and that the school purchases - together with a local NGO-partner - the materials and equipment themselves and carries the projects through independently.

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Nkoilale Foundation is established in Barneveld, the Netherlands.
Address: Piersonlaan 13, 3771 WB the Netherlands
Chamber of commerce no. 08129237

Bank details:
Fortis Bank Rotterdam, the Netherlands
IBAN: NL29FTSB0972318909
Account number: 972318909